About Gayle

I bring objectivity, perspective and compassion along with my psych tool kit to whatever is causing difficulty in your life now.

That tool kit includes two masters degrees and a doctorate, twenty years in corporate America, (ten of those in Fortune 500 executive posts), and fifteen years in the mental health field after a mid-life career change. I am a state-licensed psychotherapist in Arizona with specialty training and advanced certifications in trauma and addiction treatment therapies, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). I consult with a network of impressive professional and business colleagues. Along with my work in private practice, I served on staff at the 2012 launch of the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center in Phoenix where I conducted an unpublished, retrospective study on the treatment effects of EMDR therapy on co-occurring anxiety and chronic medical conditions. I serve on faculty at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies, where I teach a course on evidence-based treatment of psychological trauma.

I work with several methodologies. We'll work together to figure out how to use those methods in a way that's most helpful for you. Many of my clients tell me that my life experience in business, marriage, parenting, post graduate study, career change, divorce, and eldercare gives me a perspective that is helpful to them.

I can make the hard parts about looking in the mirror a little easier. I come along side you to help alter patterns that don't work anymore. Small shifts make a difference. Sometimes there are big shifts, life-changing shifts.

I've worked with many of my clients for years, not because they come every week but because they come back when something else happens in their lives.  I will partner with you to get a result that makes a lasting difference, that enables you to function optimally, in love, at work, and in life.


“I have worked with Gayle since the early 90’s when she was a business executive in the Detroit area. She is as dedicated and skilled in the therapy suite as she was in the executive suite, now helping individuals rather than organizations heal, grow and optimize their wellbeing.”

Lewis W. Smith, PhD
Neuropsychological Consulting Services

“I have referred clients to Dr. Cordes for in excess of a decade. She helps them embrace and transition into the substantial changes that divorce brings; my clients rave about the assistance that she offers.”

Catherine A. Creighton, Attorney at Law
Grant Creighton & Grant PLC

“I have always been impressed by Gayle’s ability to combine gentle care and wisdom with outstanding therapeutic skills. She is one of the best, most qualified therapists I know.”

Marilyn Murray, MA
Author, Prisoner of Another War and The Murray Method: Creating Wholeness Beyond Trauma, Abuse, Neglect and Addiction